Meet Odd Thomas in all his forms

With the publication of Odd Is On Our Side, Dean Koontz continues to flesh out the story of reluctant paranormal detective Odd Thomas. And he continues to use a range of media—from traditional books to manga style graphic novels to YouTube webisodes—to do it.

Odd Thomas is a romantic, a fry cook, and he can see and talk to the dead. He can also see "Bodachs," spirits which gather at sites of pending violence and disaster. This allows Odd to know when bad things are going to happen, and to try to prevent them, while along the way doing his best to help his living and non-living companions.

No matter how your prefer to consume your media—digitally or in print, graphically, or in audio or video—there's some Odd Thomas for you to enjoy!

Follow Odd's adventures in these four novels, available as books, audio books, eBooks, and audio eBooks!

Two prequels are available as manga style graphic novels.

And Odd Passenger, a four part webisode you can watch on YouTube, takes place right before the beginning of the fourth novel, Odd Hours.

Written by christopher on January 24, 2011

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