Me and Emiliana Torrini

If you were knocked out by the Sucker Punch soundtrack like I was you might want to further explore the work of Emiliana Torrini.

Born in Iceland of Icelandic and Italian parents Torrini has been a collaborator in the dance music scene for some years now. Working with the likes of Kylie Minogue and Paul Oakenfold, she lends her stylish sense and her fairy tale vocals to their works. Her own albums are a departure from the dance music scene and are reminiscent of a funky Tori Amos, or perhaps Regina Spektor.

From her sweet, sad and tender "Today has been OK" to the upbeat "Jungle Drum" her songs run the gamut.

Check out this video and see for yourself.

Written by Emily on November 25, 2011


PB on November 27, 2011


"Unemployed in Summertime" has been in permanent rotation on my MP3 since I was lucky enough to hear her on the campus radio station in Ft Collins, as are several other albums/songs. Great Idea for a blog/shout out on this page, I think more folks would dig on her fun and funky vibe if they heard her.



Thanks for the comment PB I'm so glad you like her too, i think she's just a real gem!

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