Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention - Captures the hearts of critics

Manning Marable, the noted History professor at Columbia University and the Founding Director of IRAAS (Institute for Research in African American Studies) at Columbia University, opens the platform for dialogue concerning the life of Malcolm X and his membership in the Nation of Islam.

Recently I read Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention, a book written by the late Manning Marable, who unfortunately died days before the book was released.


Dr. Marable detailed every aspect of Malcolm's life with great scholarly integrity, highlighting the sociopolitical atmosphere within the timeline from Malcolm's birth to his death.The book is unlike the work produced by Alex Haley in collaboration with Malcolm X The Autobiography of Malcolm X , 1965. Haley's work is a great autobiography of Malcolm X in its own right but Dr. Marable's book views the life of Malcolm X seemingly through a different set of lenses.

Dr. Marable spent over ten years gathering information and checking his facts, to produce a detailed document which is not only biographical but sociological as well. He examines all events leading up to Malcolm's membership into the Nation of Islam and his death.

I appreciate Dr. Marable's presentation of Malcolm as both real and complex.

Dr. Marable's work has undeniably caused some uneasiness among some who are either directly or indirectly connected to Malcolm X, however, on a positive note, he has inspired others to view the life and social philosophy of Malcolm X from a new perspective.

This is a well-written and thought-provoking work by Dr. Manning Marable; his book has definitely broadened my understanding of Malcolm X.

Have you read any biographies that have broadened your understanding of an historical figure?

Other works by Dr. Manning Marable:


Written by J.Allen on October 13, 2011


Anonymous on October 13, 2011


Thank you for sharing Dr. Marable's scholarship.

Lost prophet: The Life and Times of Bayard Rustin by John D'Emilio broadened my understanding of Mr. Rustin's contributions to the civil rights movement.


Thank you for responding,

Bayard Rustin, is definitely an important figure of the Civil Rights era, he is one whose contributions have gone unnoticed. I have read some information on Bayard Rustin, and you have encouraged me to read the "Lost prophet".

Brittany Robinson on October 14, 2011


Thank you so much for sharing this blog and the information about this book. When I saw this book come across the sorter at work, I thought hmm... do I want to read this? After reading your blog I will put this book on my must read book list!!


Awesome! Brittany, It's a real eye-opener (at least for me it was...)
Can't wait to hear your take on the Biography.

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