Lunch Travels: Brazil

Photo by Amanda Parkhurst-Strout
Photo by Amanda Parkhurst-Strout Photo by Amanda Parkhurst-Strout

Can't afford a trip to a far off land right now? Join us at the newly renovated Ross Cherry Creek Branch Library on Tuesday, August 3 at noon, for Lunch Travels: Brazil! Enjoy a photo journey through Curitiba, Iguazu Falls, Salvador, and the tiny island of Boipeba.

Brazil is home to one of the three largest waterfalls in the world, Iguazu, as well as the world's largest tropical rainforest. After hearing about the breathtaking scenery, delicious street food, and charming nooks and crannies of Brazil, you may want to immerse yourself in Brazilian culture or prepare for a trip of your own! Learn the national language, Portuguese, using the library's database, Mango Languages.

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Brazilian Cooking

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This sounds great ! Can we bring our lunch in for this, or will there be (Brazilian) food there to try?

Please advise. Thanks.

While we won't have Brazilian food samples, you are welcome to bring your lunch! Hope to see you there!

I just saw this and am disappointed I missed it. This Lunch Travels series looks interesting.

It's not too late! It is Tuesday, August 3 at noon! Come join us!

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