Local First Week

Buy Local Week continues on throughout the week! Not only do you have fun shopping in your own fair city, the revenue that shopping local brings to the city and the state benefits vital city services, such as the library! Where is your favorite place to shop that is locally owned?

Ever wonder why we buy what we do? These books explore the psychology of consumer behavior:

Are you a small business owner or would like to be? Be sure to contact us regarding our Biz Boost service. The Denver Public Library has many sophisticated resources, both electronic and in print, to help entrepreneurs start and grow their business. Our goal is to find quantitative numbers and statistics to give credibility to your business or marketing plan. Please contact us to request free services from a reference librarian. We will contact you to discuss your needs.

Below: Mayor Hickenlooper speaks about the importance of local businesses in our economy.

Written by Tara on November 30, 2010

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