A little (tax) help?

Tax Day is April 17 this year, but it's still just around the corner. The IRS mails out fewer paper forms each year. They can be downloaded, or copied from the reproducible set at the Central Library.

The Piton Foundation will find free tax preparation help locations near you.

If you are going the electronic route, be aware of the IRS list of Free File providers for taxpayers within certain age and income brackets--these brackets vary for different providers. Individual taxpayers cannot file online directly with the IRS, but can use tax software or a tax service to e-file. One option is Free Fillable Forms. These are electronic versions of the various IRS 1040 forms that you can fill out online and submit electronically. The software will do basic math, but does not offer guidance or explanations beyond access to IRS instructions.

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Taxes done, but still curious?

Written by Janet on March 13, 2012

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