According to a recent article in USA Today, Denver ranks as the 8th worst city in the nation for traffic congestion.

If you feel your blood pressure rise during your commute or while running errands, why not make use of that time and listen to a book on tape?

You could reread an old favorite, learn a new language or fill in those gaps in your knowledge by listening to a biography or classic you never got around to reading.

DPL has a nice selection of titles that are digitized and can be downloaded to create CD copies or for use with portable devices such as the Android, BlackBerry or iPhone. You can browse the collection here. Try a series such as the Harry Bosch suspense novels by Michael Connelly or writer Joan Didion's new memoir Blue Nights. Or download a fascinating new biography about president James Garfield, Destiny of the Republic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine, and the Murder of a President. DPL also has a wonderful collection of one-hour adaptations of movies such as All About Eve, The Awful Truth, and Miracle on 34th St. These gems are recordings from the Lux Radio Theatre, performed before live audiences in the 30's.

Or you can go a more traditional route and make a selection from DPL's audiobook collection on CD. Here are some titles that you might enjoy:
Confederacy of Dunces
Crime and Punishment
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Harry Potter series
Lemony Snicket series

Read here about Nipper, the dog featured in the photo above.

Written by Lisa on November 2, 2011


Chris on November 4, 2011


 I'm going to put some audio books on hold for my commute. It's convenient too that they leave your hands free in case you need to get any messages across to your fellow commuters. Thanks Lisa!

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