The Library in Your Pocket: Speak-Up

Are you reading this blog post from a wireless laptop or cell phone? Chances are good that you are. According to a new report from the Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project, 6 in 10 American adults over 18 regularly use the internet from a wireless device.

And more cell phone owners are using a greater variety of cell phone functionality compared with usage in 2009. Additionally, the study reflects that minority Americans are more likely to access the web via a mobile device.

"Nearly two-thirds of African-Americans (64%) and Latinos (63%) are wireless internet users, and minority Americans are significantly more likely to own a cell phone than their white counterparts (87% of blacks and Hispanics own a cell phone, compared with 80% of whites). Additionally, black and Latino cell phone owners take advantage of a much wider array of their phones’ data functions compared to white cell phone owners." Mobile Access 2010, Pew Internet

Does this study reflect you, your family and your friends in Denver? Has your Internet use changed in the last year and do you even use a desktop computer anymore?

Naturally, it's time to bring mobile web users in Denver a portable version of the Denver Public Library. What important features would it need to be useful to you? How do Denverites want to use their mobile devices to access the library?

Take the survey or leave a comment at the bottom of this post. Your input could make the library an even more convenient and enriching experience for your community.

Written by lauriekm on July 13, 2010


Ricardo Barrera on July 16, 2010


Can I get my Oxford Dictionary account on an iPad? That would be great!


We don't have an App, but as long as you can access the Internet with your iPad browser and have a DPL card, you may use the Oxford Dictionaries.


Why does the DPL logo still appear in red on BB instead of blue like on my laptop. Any extra things to make using the library phone friendly is appreciated!



Does BB stand for BlackBerry or something else? The display of the logo should not be dependent on the platform from which it is viewed. We had to update the new logo with all of our vendors, so if there is a specific place you see the old red version, please let us know the database or web page where you see it and we'll get it changed.

Bob Motlong on July 21, 2010


Would it be possible to offer eBooks in a format that is not DRM protected with the Adobe Adept software? It seems that Adobe Adept uses Adobe Flash, even though there is no flash content. The addition of Flash makes your eBooks unusable on many portable devices and eBook readers.


Most publishers require the DRM (Digital Rights Management.) Our eMedia vendor is working on ways to make eBooks available on more devices. Right now, our Adobe eBooks can be transferred to Sony Reader, Nook and Kobo using Adobe Digital Editions software. We have a smaller collection of Mobipocket eBooks that work with some Smartphones and most PDAs.

Anonymous on August 11, 2010


the catalog search function on the new website seems to be broken when using a webkit-based browser on a mobile device. i've tried many times, without success, to do a search of the library catalog. can you please look into this? thx.

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