Library Love Story: Jim White

My name is Jim White and I am the Director of Community Affairs for the Volunteers of America. I have worked here for almost 31 years and obviously believe we do our best to make a difference in the lives of those we serve. If asked, however, about another organization that truly makes a big difference in the lives of those it touches I would immediately say the Denver Public Library.

The thousands of individuals and families that use the library everyday are never the same after they receive their library card. Whether they walked into their local branch looking for a book, an educational bit of information, a cd or even a movie for pure relaxation their life has been changed. At Volunteers of America we have had the good fortune to partner with DPL on “I Love To Read” events for very young children. The ongoing aggressive effort that the library embraces year round to encourage young children to read is phenomenal yet often not something they are recognized for. All research shows these early years are when huge differences can be made in the way children learn. When you see hundreds of children lining up for DPL summer reading programs you know they are definitely doing something right.

We are, indeed, so very lucky to have a resource in this community like the Denver Public Library and can never take it for granted. I have friends and associates in all of the other metro counties and they all marvel at the availability of books, music and movies that are at our fingertips. I am sure there is a basic level of service that we could be receiving based solely on public funding. DPL, however, has chosen to be one of the best libraries in the country and utilizes thousands of volunteers and does their own fundraising to be able to provide the highest level of service.

One doesn’t have to look far to find disparaging news about the economy. Every time I check out a $30 book from the library I am thankful for this incredible organization. Their music catalog is, beyond a doubt, unequaled anywhere. A person can listen to brand new releases as well as vintage cds and that goes for jazz, opera, classics, rock wherever your personal music tastes lead you. What an incredible opportunity we are given before one makes a $20 investment for a new cd only to find out there are only a couple of good songs on it.

I could go on about the Denver Public Library for a long time, and this is from a guy that would not have been caught dead in a library during my educational years! I use it, I support it and most of all I truly appreciate it. Thanks for this opportunity.

Written by lauriekm on August 31, 2010


Jonie on August 31, 2010


Right on!

jonesy on September 1, 2010


Well said, thank you !

Dana Bennett on September 16, 2010


I love DPL and it will go with me wherever I live. I have volunteered there and I know why DPL is so "lucky" with their volunteers -- we're treated so well! I now live in a small town in Florida and read the DPL website daily and still look at the book recommendations by the librarians. DPL is still supporting my reading habits. Not enough good can be said about this library of libraries!

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