Library Cards for Computer Access FAQ

Acceso a las computadoras con tu tarjeta

The Denver Public Library values free and equal access to information and library resources, including library computers. By requiring a Denver Public Library Card for computer access, the library equalizes computer access for all customers.

Why does the Denver Public Library require customers to register for a library card to access library computers?

In response to customer complaints regarding ongoing abuse of computer time limits, the Denver Public Library requires customers to register for a library card to ensure one computer access number per customer. Your library card number is your computer access number. Many urban, public libraries have adopted this approach.

What if I already have a Denver Public Library Card but it’s blocked from checkout due to fines or lost materials?

You can still use your Denver Public Library Card number to use a computer.

What if I don’t want to borrow items?

All Denver residents are encouraged to enjoy the full range of DPL services by signing up for a regular library card, however, short term visitors to Colorado and those wanting only computer access may register for a Computer User Card. Computer User Cards do not carry check out privileges.

What are the requirements to receive a Computer User Card?

Customers must show valid picture ID at the time of registration; such as a Driver’s License or state-issued Identification Card, Passport, University or school identification or Government issued ID cards, including U.S. military identification.

Why are you requiring picture ID?

Denver Public Library requires picture ID to ensure one library card per customer.

What if I don’t have a valid picture ID?

Library staff can provide you with a list of local organizations that may be able to help you obtain ID.

What if I’m only in Denver for a short-term visit?

Visitors to Denver, wanting only computer access, must register for a Computer User Card.

Are you tracking what I do on library computers?

The Denver Public Library follows state and federal law regarding privacy of library users’ records and information. It is the Denver Public Library’s usual practice to erase all customer use records, except those essential for library business operations. The library will release records, including those relating to Internet usage, only as required by law.

When a computer session is ended, all information about that session is ordinarily deleted. The library does not, as part of its regular practice, retrieve any information, including websites visited, passwords, credit card numbers, or any other information a customer has entered. At the end of the business day, all computer use and reservation records are erased.

What if I forget to bring my library card?

Please present your picture ID at the circulation desk and a staff member will look up your library card number.

What if I don’t have my library card or my picture ID with me?

We are unable to retrieve library card numbers without verifying identification.

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