Librarian with Dancing Fingers

I am a librarian with dancing fingers.

I live with a neurological disorder called cerebral palsy (cp). There are several types of cp and I have a rare type called ataxic. It affects my balance (I still use the railing when I descend stairs), my speech is not perfectly clear (I don’t mind repeating what I say), and I sometimes have a tremor when I use my hands. CP is not progressive and it doesn’t hurt for me to move – it just is a bit slower. My speech is not crystal clear so instead of leading storytimes at Schlessman Family Branch Library, I volunteer and read books weekly to preschoolers at a Head Startprogram through the DPL Read Aloud program.

I often talk to children about living with a disability. It is important that we all understand that though we may be different, we all have emotions and are more alike than different. For more information about cerebral palsy see the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Some of my favorite books about disabilities include:

Written by Dawn on April 14, 2011

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