Let's Read Aloud!

Did you know that reading aloud with your family strengthens literacy skills for everyone, fosters a life-long love of reading, and gives eveyone happy memories of being together? You don't have to do voices or read like a pro to have fun and create happy memories! What book do you love to read aloud with your family?

Written by Tara on December 30, 2010


Anonymous on December 30, 2010


"The Jim Trelease Read Aloud Handbook", c. 2006, has great suggestions of titles for children indicating their listening level. Even if children have learned to read, there is always new vocabulary for them to acquire and choosing books above their functional reading level provides the opportunity to learn those new words. Many of the books are great for the whole family to listen to regardless of age. Read a new chapter for dessert each night while the family is gathered around the dinner table.

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