Piece of Cake!

This groom's cake, created by ABC Cake Shop & Bakery in New Mexico, is a 3D replica of the Denver Public Library. It is iced completely in buttercream with airbrushing for the windows. I stumbled across it on Twitter and couldn't believe my eyes!

If you are interested in making your own creative cakes, check out these sweet books:

Did you know? The architect for the Central Library was Michael Graves. The red chair with the pony on it is a famous sculpture by Donald Lipski called "The Yearling" and stands two stories tall!

Written by Tara on November 8, 2010


Anonymous on November 9, 2010


Any idea WHY these were created - in NM, to boot? Awesome.


The cake was made as someones groom's cake and must have been for a wedding. They won't tell me who ordered the cake, which I can totally understand, but my mind reels!

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