Let Guns N' Roses Soothe Your Baby to Sleep

What baby wouldn’t enjoy drifting off to sleep to the sounds of Welcome to the Jungle or November Rain? My daughter and I have had a blast listening to Rockabye Baby’s lullaby renditions of popular bands (ok, so maybe this is more of a treat for Mommy). Who knew the xylophone and glockenspiel could sound so good?

Not a fan of 80’s hair bands? Don’t worry, they’ve got your baby’s tastes covered with renditions of many popular artists: Radiohead, The Cure, Journey, Aerosmith, Kanye West, The Rolling Stones and many more!

Perhaps your wee one prefers cowboy boots and steel guitars? Hushabye Baby takes on many country greats including George Strait, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood.
If these unique lullabies leave you wanting more, there are other great renditions for you and your little one’s listening pleasures:

Written by Amber on August 8, 2010


Hair-band-tastic on August 7, 2010


What could be better than jammin to your tunes from back in the day, while still soothing the wee one to sleep. Perfect.

Great Blog :)

Bogajo on August 8, 2010


Who knew?


When I first discovered these I was astounded by the different artists covered. 


My favorite is the Cure. Their music is my favorite anyway and I think it lends itself well to the xlyophone. There were some G n' R  renditions that took me awhile to guess which song I was hearing but I didn't have that problem with the Cure.

Anonymous on August 9, 2010


My sons favorite was the one from Metalica and he still listens to it at the age of 9. They are great!


Does your son listen to "regular" Metallica music, too? I'd be curious to know if he prefers the lullaby versions over the real thing!

james on August 9, 2010


These sound fun, but I'm glad I'm past the "kids music" phase with my boys. Kidz Bop nearly drove me insane until I decided to play the music we normally would listen to. We still have some kid-centric They Might Be Giants in the rotation since it's just great, and if you choose carefully, Ween definitely attracts the ear of the small listener. Now the boys listen to all kinds of music, and the thrill of hearing a 6-year-old sing along to Walk On the Wild Side cannot be underestimated. Anything that gets kids listening, appreciating and singing along with music is fine by me.

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