kiss kiss bang bang!

Ashley & JaQuavis have done it again!

Well as most people who actually know me know, I love to read Urban Lit. I must say that KISS KISS BANG BANG was one of the most intense hood love stories I've read in 2010! It starts off really strong and keeps you so engrossed in the pages but then flashes back into the past to explain how this book got to the point where it is. The main character, Free, was just released from his 5 year bid in prison only to come out with Russians, who he use to work for, wanting half a million dollars in six months. WOW! His one true 'Ride or Die' chick, Six, considers his problems to be hers as well. So the two of them come up with a plan to rob the local drug pin, Brick. But the twist is Six must start to sleep with the enemy to get close to his cash and not his heart. Basically this is all I can say without giving away the story. The ending is completely shocking, it was more like a BIG BANG! If you like urban literature or even ASHLEY & JAQUAVIS as authors, this is a must read!

Written by Lupe on January 11, 2011


Anonymous on January 11, 2011


There is also a movie called kiss kiss bang bang. It is completely the opposite of this book.

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