Killers We Hate to Love

Coming hot on the heels of deliciously demented Dexter there is John Wayne Cleaver. Named after a serial killer and a murder weapon how can he escape his destiny?

In "I Am Not A Serial Killer" we meet John Wayne Cleaver, just your average teenage boy, likes fires, girls and serial killers. Ok, well perhaps not your average teenage boy. John lives in a mortuary so that's a plus, for him, as he likes dead bodies and the peace they provide for his inner demon. And speaking of demons....

This is a fast paced read, the first in what promises to be a very exciting trilogy. Pick it up when you get a chance, or put it on your to-read list. If you like Dexter, or true crime or just delightfully mad characters Mr. Dan Wells is writing for you!

Written by Emily on January 18, 2011

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