July is Ice Cream Appreciation Month

Whether you make your own ice cream, or like to visit the many great local ice cream parlors, the library has the scoop on everything ice cream.

No Dairy? No Problem! Read more about food allergies and substituting foods creatively on New Mommy's blog.

Which local ice cream parlor is your favorite? Denver has many to choose from! Here's a taste:

Spending money at these and other local treasures not only helps keep these businesses alive, but also generates much needed revenue that helps to fund the library! Run, catch that ice cream truck!

Written by Tara on July 8, 2010


Anonymous on July 9, 2010


I love Sweet Action Ice Cream. They run on wind power, use local organic ingredients and often have vegan ice cream options!


Well, now look what you've made me do! I have to run out and get some delicious ice cream!

stacey on July 9, 2010


If you like to make your own ice cream try Chocolate Stranahans Whiskey ice cream based on a recipe in Frank Stitt's Southern Table. Delicious!

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