Jefferson County Symphony

Most mothers who are trying raise three small boys while making extra money by cleaning houses aren't thinking of learning to play the violin.  Rose Ann Taht, reference librarian at the Central Library, was doing just that, though, back in the mid-70's.

Alongside 3-year old Mark, who was learning to play Suzuki style, she used her background in piano and saxophone to study the violin traditionally.  Nowadays, Rose Ann plays with the Jefferson Symphony Orchestra, performing pop, classical and holiday-themed selections, usually at the Green Center in Golden.  Last fall I spent the best $20.00 of my life when I saw the Fall program which featured the orchestra, in costume, performing selections from "Phantom of the Opera" and a wonderful presentation of Lemony Snicket's comic narration "The Conductor is Dead."

For nearly 60 years, the Jefferson Symphony Orchestra has delivered professional quality performances with its nearly 100 dedicated musicians who rehearse long hours while raising families and going to work.  One of the highlights of the 2011-12 concert schedule will be the Young Artists Competition, a one-day contest of international young musicians competing for cash.  (Piano competitions are held in odd-numbered years; instrumental competitions take place in even-numbered years.)

So it's no surprise that Westword proclaimed the JSO the "Best Community Orchestra" in 2011, saying "... the Jefferson Symphony Orchestra has evolved into the toast of Golden, thriving in an era when even big-name orchestras are struggling to fill the seats."

Written by Lisa on August 23, 2011


Karen Pring on October 3, 2011


I really enjoyed reading your blog post on Rose Ann and the JSO! I have played violin with the JSO for 23 years and am on the board as the chair of our marketing committee. I would love to keep you up to date on our concerts and events. Can you please share an email address with me where I can send occassional updates about our events? We hope to see you at our opening concert on October 16. Thanks! Karen

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