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International Walk (or bike) to School Day is Wednesday, Oct 5th!

In the 1960's about 1/2 of all kids walked or biked to school. Now nearly 90% arrive in cars or buses. Take a walk with your child and cash in on the environmental, safety education and fitness benefits together! Children ages 1-15 years of age typically receive less than $1 in traffic education and the cost of an injury involving a vehicle is staggering.

Safe Travel for the Elementary School Child
Children need adults to teach them how to be safe around vehicles, not to dart between parked cars, to watch for turning cars and not to play behind a parked car, even if it is in their own driveway. Here is a bicycle and pedestrian traffic safety education training course with K-5 curriculum from the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Why Do Bicycle Crashes Happen?
Bicycle Crashes are preventable, not 'accidents' at all! One bicycle crash with a head injury can produce up to $11 million in life-long medical claims. There's also a parent guide: "Bicycle Safety - What Every Parent Should Know" right in this online brochure from CDOT.

National Center for Safe Routes to School
Search here to see if your school is participating. If not, there are resources you can use to get your school involved next year!

Denver Public Health is coordinating Denver's local activities through Denver Safe Routes to School.

Here are some additional library resources for kids:

Please contact Reference Services, located on Level 3 of the Central Library, for statistics or government hearings on traffic safety and kids, or other information. Phone: 720-865-1363, or email.

Written by Elaine on October 3, 2011


Leigh Ann on October 5, 2011


Thanks for the great info, Elaine! Walking or riding to school is such a great way to start & end each school or work day...refreshed and invigorated! Actually, it's pretty safe to walk or bike--one is more likely to be in a auto fender bender than getting hit riding a bicycle-particularly if one plans the bike route out carefully! and be sure to follow the rules-of-the-road!

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