Change Agents: Bell and Jobs

Derrick Bell and Steve Jobs both died on Wednesday but the similarities don't end there. Both men would not be deterred by those who could or would not believe.

Derrick Bell spent his professional life exposing racisim in the legal system and higher education.  He encouraged members of diverse groups to tell their stories as a way of building support and community, something he felt scholarship alone could not do.  

Both Bell and Jobs made a commitment to change.  Whether it was the end of racism or innovative technology, both knew change began with them.  Steve Jobs sums it up best at the often played Stanford commencement speech: "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life."   Delegating change wasn't an option for Bell or Jobs. 

The Library has several books written by Bell:

There are many books about Jobs at the Library but the hot ticket item is the new biography, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson expected out before November.   We are taking hold requests now (hardback or audio format)!

Thanks to both men for living their extraordinary lives.

Written by Laurie. on October 7, 2011


Anonymous on October 14, 2011


Thank you Laurie, for sharing the similarities between Bell and Jobs, change is always needed even now...

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