I'm all knotted up

It's been said that when one crochets (or knits) all your troubles dissolve. I'm here to say, it's true!

Crocheting is like meditating. One pretty knot leads into another, building a creation of your own for yourself or as a gift. Soon one row is complete and then another. Soon a few minutes have passed, then an hour. Each knot is like a breath, a dance of fingers that create a whimsical design, a skirt, a scarf, something made from structure into love. I've lost myself in blankets, hats, and sweaters and the end result was a better frame of mind.

One book I'm loving right now is Twinkie Chan's Goodies for Fashion Foodies. Chan gives a selection of different scarves to crochet from ice cream varieties, to movie pop corn fun, to savory sushi wearables. I'm working on the cookie crunch sweet scarf for myself. It's not just that these are whimsical pieces of crochet, but it's the peace of mind that comes from Chan's whimsical crochet recipes.

If wearable food art is not your style or if you're just getting started, check out these other varieties of crochet creations.

Written by MelissaS on August 22, 2011

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