I just need something Soulful!

Amazing Grace, featuring James Cleveland and songs by Thomas Dorsey

Some say music calms the nerves. Sometimes you just need something soothing and inspirational or maybe something jazzy, or a little bit of Rhythm and Blues, and at times you just want to hear the powerful, vibrant voices of gospel's greatest.


Have you been in the mood for an inspirational song? Maybe you're going through a difficult time and just need a pick-me-up, something soulful and uplifting.

Hearing Aretha sing "Oh Mary don't you weep" will send chills down your spine. Aretha sings it with such passion and feeling it's like you're jolted back into time, standing in between the pews clapping your hands and stomping your feet.

Aretha Franklin is truly the Queen of Soul, releasing her first hit single in 1967 through Atlantic Records and several others afterwards. Her first album was released 4 years earlier in her father's, Reverend C. L. Franklin's, church .

The balance that Aretha creates by journeying back towards her gospel roots and hearing her soulful sounds and harmonious riffs which she belts out, can surely leave one in awe, giving her R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Other songs on Aretha Franklin's Amazing Grace album include:

Disc 1

1."Mary Don't You Weep" (Inez Andrews)
2."Take My Hand, Precious Lord" /"You've Got a Friend" (Rev. Thomas A. Dorsey, Frank Frazier) / (Carole King)
3."Old Landmark"
4."Give Yourself to Jesus" (Robert Fryson)
5."How I Got Over" (Clara Ward)
6."What a Friend We Have In Jesus" (Joseph Scriven, Charles Converse)
7."Amazing Grace" (John Newton)

 Disc 2

1."Precious Memories" (Traditional)
2."Climbing Higher Mountains" (Traditional)
3.Remarks by Reverend C.L. Franklin
4."God Will Take Care of You" (Traditional)
5."Wholy Holy" (Marvin Gaye, Renaldo Benson, Alfred Cleveland)
6."You'll Never Walk Alone" (Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II)
7."Never Grow Old" (Traditional)

This CD is truly worth listening to; it's very uplifting.

Can you name a few artists whose voices have an impact on you?




I prefer to listen to rap and rock as an inspiring playlist.
I submitted a hold for Amy Winehouse's "Lioness: Hidden Treasures" CD, and was just recently afforded the opportunity to listen to it. It was released posthumously, and with the blessing of both her father and mother. There are some cuts of original recordings or previously unreleased original versions of songs she had recorded. The liner notes were enough to bring me to tears. Thank you Mark Ronson. Listening to the album was both exhilirating and saddening. I was born in 1962 and grew up with these musical "sounds" and genres. Listening to Amy's interpretations of a few of these gems, make me appreciate her, and her contribution to the world of music even more. If you have the chance, please check this gem out. You will not be disappointed!

Believe me, I love Ms. Franklin as much as any other music-loving freak. But for my money, (or free for listening at the library or at home) I suggest Ms. Dianne Reeves.
I bought my first Dianne Reeves - "Never Too Far" CASSETTE when I lived in South Dakota in 19990. She is one of the classiest, most versatile, and talented jazz vocalists of our time. Four Grammy Awards. And she's from - shock . . . DENVER!!!!! Check her out!!!

Right on! Dianne Reeves is definitely an amazing songstress and her jazzy style is certainly soothing. Toddrick, thank you for representing some of Colorado's best jazz singers one that is certainly seen as a jazz icon, she was raised in Denver and attended George Washington high school. You are right she is one of the classiest singers on the jazz circuit... We do have her "When you Know" CD available for check out with your library card. Thank you for sharing,

Marvin Gaye was always one of my favorite singers, and What's Going On one of my favorite records.

Wow, James

Marving Gaye was one of my favorites as well and suffice to say the song "What's going on" is high on my list. It's sort of like a call-to-action to the social ills within our communities. His Lyrics are timeless.

Thank you for sharing.

A different style, but Children Running Through by Patti Griffin (DPL has it) has inspired me and kept me going when it seemed nothing else could.

Thank you, Dale for sharing,

I will have to listen to this one by Patti Griffin.

Thanks Dale,

Just listened to Patti Griffin's "Someone Elses Tomorrow" absolutely enjoyed her soothing sound and the lyrics as well.

This is such an awesome article, and it's so true! Sometimes you just need a pick me up. And I agree Aretha's " Oh Mary Don't You Weep" Has the sound and soul needed to lift my spirits. Mrs Franklin is a talented woman. I also like to listen to Mrs. CeCe Winans to lift my spirits. And Mrs. Shirley Ceaser, Gospel Greats.

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