Honest to Goodness

What I like about Anthony Bourdain is that he delivers the honest to goodness truth.

His writing on his experience in the kitchen is accessible. It's as if Mr. Bourdain is sitting across the table from you with a cup of coffee (or beer) and giving you the lowdown on the area's restaurants. His travels are honest and inspiring. He delivers his take on food and life with a punch, cutting to the real heart of the matter.

Mr. Bourdain is also intelligent and thoughtful. Not only is he giving you the lowdown on the Nasty Bits, but he is also savvy and culture conscious. One of my favorite episodes of No Reservations is when he travels to Korea at the request of his Korean assistant. Here you see Mr. Bourdain's quiet frustration percolate during the middle part of his trip, but towards the end he simmers down and deeply appreciates the experience outside of himself. Many of his travels let us see the back doors of small kitchens that deliver tasty food for the discerning palette. We also get a feel for the hardships and rawness of kitchen life from ocean or soil harvest, to creation, to taste, to presentation and enjoyment. It's an art and Mr. Bourdain delivers this with gusto, love, humor, and the straight forwardness of a New Yorker.

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Written by MelissaS on July 31, 2011

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