Homemade Trick or Treat

Nostalgia alert: we're bringing back popcorn balls.

When I was a young 'un, Halloween signified the beginning of the kid calendar. It was a fun, escapist holiday -- and a great break from the routine of a new school year. Mom would counsel my brother and I on our costumes, and help us select a variety of retired clothes that we could use to make our costumes. One year my brother went as a pirate and I went as a devil. Mom found a set of red long underwear for me and Dad built me a makeshift pitchfork. It was the best Halloween ever.

We went out with our treat bags (they were pillowcases from the linen closet), and we wandered the streets of my little hometown Des Lacs, North Dakota. When we were greeted by our neighbors, we shouted our greeting of 'Trick or Treat' and then some wonderful confection would drop in our bag. There was a fair amount of boughten candy (I'm using that word in deference to all my ND friends) -- but there were always wonderful homemade treats, too. Caramel apples, brownies, homemade candies and, of course, no bag was complete until you had one of Ruby Williams' popcorn balls in your bag!

I miss those crisp, azure blue Halloween nights. Let me know if you'd like to see a picture of that great devil costume; I think I have it somewhere. And join us for a nostaligic look at Halloween goodies with our cooking demo on popcorn balls on October 23. Taught by Ellen Daehnick of Hellliemae's Salt Caramels, our popcorn ball class will bring Retro Trick or Treat right to your door.

Written by Chris on September 29, 2011


Lisa F. on October 3, 2011


Now I can't stop thinking about popcorn balls. Won't be happy until I have one.

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