Great Balls of Hair

In the middle of a long, hot summer, I'm in the mood for a little joy, a little lighthearted make and do. Craftinatrix Trish Tilly has got ebullience in the bag -- creating mod stuff with felted wool balls. For those of you who own cats, yes, it's related to the 'craft' projects your little Felix makes on occasion -- except these are on purpose -- and pretty cool.

There are lots of crafters experimenting with sculptural works that utilize felted sheep's wool. Felting is the process of agitating animal fibers through heat, moisture and motion to create a firm fabric. If you've ever washed a wool sweater accidentally only to remove it from the washing machine stiff and shrunken, then you know the end product of felting.

The process of felting is fun and easy. The finished product is durable and firm. Trish will show you everything you need to know in her workshop this Saturday. Details here. And check out some of the other great ideas at Giddy Giddy.

Written by Chris on August 10, 2011

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