Go Granny Go: Crocheted squares are hip again

Granny Squares are a crocheter's passport to 1970s boho-chic!

It turns out that making granny squares can be a little addictive. They're fast and fun to crochet -- so the squares start to pile up quickly. There are endless color and yarn weight combinations -- so they can be simple or complex, and can incorporate easy or challenging color combinations. And crocheting is very portable -- so it's easy to throw a project in a bag and head out the door.

Tonight, I'm meeting a crafting buddy at a coffeehouse for some public crocheting. It's a good way to spend a Friday night if you've retired from your disco days. I have, but now that I've rediscovered granny squares, I'm making all kinds of cool stuff for people to wear if they're looking for a touch of 70s bohemian. My current project is a shrug that utilizes space-dyed yarn to create color changes in your squares without switching yarns. The blocks are really gorgeous and I'll post a photo of the completed shrug shortly.

If you'd like to fall in love with granny squares, check out our June workshop: Not Your Granny's Granny Square. Or drop into the Fresh City Lounge any Monday night for Madame Defarge's Knitting Salon -- and meet other freestyle knitters.

Written by Chris on June 3, 2011


Elizren; on July 4, 2011


Hey, I am also hooked on Grannys! check out my blog for some comments and soon I will post some pictures, meanwhile I am crocheting 6 x 6 squares of love! great work you are doing!!

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