Give Me the Creeps

Every generation seems to get the monster they deserve -- in film anyway.

If the phrase "Art imitates life" is true for cinema as well, it means that our film represents our culture and society at the time the film is made. It might then follow that horror films represent our nightmares or our worst fears.

The posters and lobby cards for these films are as imaginative and chilling as the films themselves. Highly sought after by collectors, in good condition these posters can fetch upwards of five-ten thousand dollars. And much more.

A poster illustrating the 1932 film The Mummy sold at auction in 1997 for $453,000. More recently, a Los Angeles collector purchased a poster for the 1922 film Metropolis for $690,000.

Fresh City Life is celebrating the great art of horror and science fiction films with our Thursday Craft-O-Mat: Son of Flair v. Curse of Magneto -- a button and magnet making workshop. And for those of you who like your Halloween to feel retro, we've got a lot of artwork that has the look of 1950s mid century modern. All very cool. More info here.

But we are leaving no tombstone unturned this year for Halloween. With a Horror Film Series beginning on Tuesday night, October 18, and a Trick or Treat cooking demo dedicated to popcorn balls and Halloweens of yesteryear (on Sunday, October 23) -- we've got your fright night covered. Fear not. Or fear a lot. (cue the mad scientist laugh).

Written by Chris on October 17, 2011


Lisa F. on October 18, 2011


I've been watching old episodes of "Thriller" with Boris Karloff. Definitely a mixed bag. Bring me a popcorn ball please.


 you know it! loved the costume blog and sorry I forgot to send you my devil costume photo!


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