George Steinbrenner 1930-2010

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George Steinbrenner 1930-2010

Controversial baseball legend, George Michael "The Boss" Steinbrenner III, owner of the New York Yankees, has passed away, a week after his 80th birthday.

Many books have been written about Mr. Steinbrenner. Regarding himself, he said, "I'm really 95 percent Mr. Rogers, and only 5 percent Oscar the Grouch."

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Although I can't see myself adding a Steinbrenner bio to my reading list any time soon, I picked up Joe Torre's The Yankee Years when it came out and just devoured it . I was not a Torre fan before reading this but I have an entirely new sense of respect for the skipper. Of course, I still cheer for whoever is playing the Yankees...

I remember George Steinbrenner as the megalomaniacal, ultra-competitive owner of the Yankees who fired manager Billy Martin at least three times, and later made a beer commercial with him. Since his passing I've heard about a whole new side of the man that was never a part of his public persona. He certainly changed baseball and the Yankees forever. Rest in peace.

So, when Al Davis dies will he get the same deification?

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