George Steinbrenner 1930-2010


Anonymous on July 14, 2010


I remember George Steinbrenner as the megalomaniacal, ultra-competitive owner of the Yankees who fired manager Billy Martin at least three times, and later made a beer commercial with him. Since his passing I've heard about a whole new side of the man that was never a part of his public persona. He certainly changed baseball and the Yankees forever. Rest in peace.


So, when Al Davis dies will he get the same deification?

Amber on July 24, 2010


Although I can't see myself adding a Steinbrenner bio to my reading list any time soon, I picked up Joe Torre's The Yankee Years when it came out and just devoured it . I was not a Torre fan before reading this but I have an entirely new sense of respect for the skipper. Of course, I still cheer for whoever is playing the Yankees...

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