Gale Virtual Reference Library

Can't make it to the library, but need to get started on a research project? Gale Virtual Reference Library offers a whole set of reference books online. All you need to use it from home or anywhere else with internet access is your Denver Public Library card number and password. Take a look at how useful it can be.

The first page offers a search box where you can enter a keyword. This Basic search will bring up articles from a variety of books. If you know more precisely what you are looking for choose an advanced search to narrow down the subject area or even specific resources you want to search in. The search will return lists of articles by title with a short description. If you are interested you click and see the whole article within a complete citation that you can use in a bibliography. How great for reports and homework!

Gale Virtual Reference Library currently has 2,889,721 articles with more being added every day. Here is a small list of titles included to give you an idea of the huge scope the database covers:

  • Cities of the World
  • Climate Change: In Context
  • Encyclopedia of Religion
  • Encyclopedia of Russian History
  • Encyclopedia of Science and Religion
  • Growing Old in America
  • History of the American Cinema
  • Medicine, Health, and Bioethics: Essential Primary Sources
  • Nobel Prize Laureates in Literature
  • Roaring Twenties Reference Library
  • Scholarships, Fellowships and Loans
  • Scientific Thought: In Context
  • The Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives
  • World War II Reference Library
  • Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life
  • and many many more!

Gale Virtual Reference Library is a wonderful go-to homework resource for students 6th grade and up. It is also a lot of fun for curious browsers who enjoy exploring and learning about new topics. It puts a ton of interesting material at your fingertips!

Written by Beckyr on February 28, 2011

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