FRESHEST: What's New at Fresh City Life

In the spirit of Fresh City Life, new events debut this year!

Denverites maybe never had it so good. Fresh City Life is offering up new and retooled events for you this year. In successive posts, I'll let you in on some of the cool stuff that is booked and some of the things that are in the works -- but not fully-baked (just yet).

You may already know that Fresh City Life hosts craft and DIY events regularly: our once-a-month Craft Services workshops. This year Craft Services, while always a fun, crafty time, will focus on technique-based do-it-yourself projects -- with an emphasis on skills that you can take away from the event and use for further exploration. Last Saturday's Coil Basketry workshop is a great case in point.

This was a terrific workshop taught by our craftinatrix Trish Tilly and assisted by Christa Rogers. Coil basketry is a traditional Native American craft, and though the necessary skills are basic, it does offer up crafting and design challenges that our students really enjoyed. As the year progresses, you'll notice our ever-changing Craft Services calendar will be offering a variety of new craft workshops that will teach you skills for independent exploration. Hope to see you at a workshop soon!

More photos of the Coil Basketry workshop posted on our Facebook page -- check it out!

Written by Chris on March 22, 2011

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