Creepy Foreign Films

What are your top Creepy foreign films??

  1. Audition (Japanese) This film is based on a male widower whom is still sadden by the death of his wife. His friend tries to help out by setting his house into a studio to hold auditions for a fake film in order to find a new wife. The widower then becomes increasing attracted to a young inspiring, yet shy, ballet trainer. But first impressions can be a killer!
  2. Calvaire (French) This film is very strange from beginning to end. A young traveling entertainer gets lost in the woods a few days before Christmas but finds help in a remote village. Strangely his belongings in his van begin to disappear and the phone doesn't work. As the entertainer tries to get help from the local villagers, actions quickly get out of control, as they some how believe the entertainer once lived among them.
  3. Cold Prey (Norwegian) Five friends go snowboarding in Jotunheimen but soon have to take refuge in an abandoned Hotel when one friend breaks his leg. They discover the Hotel was closed in the Seventies due to the housekeeper's son going missing. As night approaches the five friends themselves start to disappear.
  4. *INSIDE* (French) A pregnant woman, Sarah, is heartbroken when she is in a car accident and survives while her husband dies. As Christmas Eve approaches she decides to stay home as requested by her doctor. When night falls a woman knocks on Sarah's door asking to use her phone but then claims she knows Sarah. The woman then torments Sarah and will kill anyone who tries to help her. In a panic Sarah locks herself in her bathroom in fear for her and her unborn child's life.
  5. Let The Right One In (Swedish) Oscar is a 12 year old boy who is constantly being bullied and goes out at night with dreams of revenge. He then befriends his neighbor Eli whom only comes out at night as well, claiming her dad won't let her out. But Eli has a deadly secret, her father is a serial killer, although she is not so innocent herself. Oscar later learns of her secret but now has fallen in love with Eli.
  6. Martyrs (French) This film is based on a young girl named Lucie. She was once abducted and held captive by a group of unknown people who tortured her. She escapes and goes into a group home where she becomes friends with Ana. 15 years later Lucie finds the people who tortured her and decides to get revenge. But the two friends soon discover they have only scratched the surface of the true horror that awaits them.
  7. The Orphanage (Spanish) Laura who was once an orphan, is raising her adopted son. She then moves into what was once the orphanage where she grew up and decides to reopen it to help disabled children. Mysteriously her son has now gone missing and she begins to feel a presence like she is not alone.
  8. [Rec] (Spanish) This film is about a T.V. reporter who is following a group of firefighters. Soon the firefighters receive a call from a hysterical woman in a building complex. Upon arrival the old woman who called 911 starts attacking the officers. To make matters worse the building then goes into complete lock down by Police and CDC. What follows that night is something no one will ever forget.
  9. Requiem (German) An epileptic teen age girl just wants to live a normal life. Against the wishes of her mother she enrolls in collage with the support of her father and friend. But as the semester continues to get harder for her she stops taking her medication. She now believes she is possessed by a demon. So she heads back home from collage to get an exorcism to save her life.
  10. Them (Romanian) A teacher and her husband, whom is a writer, live in a remote real estate and enjoy the quietness. As night falls the couple notice someone stealing their car from their driveway. As they try to call the police someone then cuts the phone lines, their power goes off and finally they realize weird people standing outside there home. Their only hope is to try to escape a dreadful night full of unsuspecting terror.

    *INSIDE* Available through ILL

Written by Lupe on January 25, 2011


Mr. Brainwash … on January 26, 2011


I've not seen Requiem, but I have an interesting side note to add. 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose' is also loosely based on the same true story. I would imagine 'Requiem' to be more faithful than the Hollywood adaptation.

Anonymous on February 3, 2011


I really like this blog! Great suggestions-I can't wait to watch these!

Anonymous on February 4, 2011


I still have nightmares about Audition. Creepy!!!

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