Flash Mob!

We at the Fresh City Life office have been mighty inspired by flash mobs of late. In case you don't know, a flash mob is a spontaneous-appearing choreographed dance in a public place - organizers secretly send out the word via email or text, and when the music starts, the crowd boogies down, surprising

all the unsuspecting onlookers. Flash mobs can be giant, with hundreds of people involved, or small - but either way there's a fierce expression of FUN and that's what we're about. Here's a video of a big flash mob in Stockholm last year - their choice of Michael Jackson is perfect - the King of Choreography (yeah, ok and Pop) lives on in the streets!


Wouldn't the library be a perfect place for a flash mob?  Hint hint...;)

Written by Simone on July 6, 2010


Anonymous on July 10, 2010


When would it happen?

Anonymous on July 12, 2010


That was hardcore - I can't believe how many people were a part of the mob in that video. MJ choreography is perfect for something like that. Personally, I'd love to stumble into a "Thriller" themed version.

Simone on July 14, 2010


 I will say this, and no more: Fresh City Life just locked down a partnership with the Colorado Ballet Company to teach Thriller choreography in October.  Dancing at the library is right!! Any flash mobbing that happens (and remember, it's so hush hush I'm writing a blog post about it) might have somethin' to do with this Thriller dance class.  You might want to start breakin' in your dancing shoes now, because October will come before you know it! 


Sounds amazing! How do people get involved with this? I would love to take part in learning thriller!

Web Staff on July 15, 2010


It happened at the Seattle Public Library!

Anonymous on November 5, 2011


Is this in denver or Seattle?

Anonymous on September 3, 2014



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