From the File: Where Are They Now?

The children of the village of Midwich, England. Don't make them mad.
The Village of the Overly-Styled.

Just in time for the season of scares, I've researched the Village of the Damned kids. They are apparently all doing nicely on a Paris runway.

Enquiring minds want to know. So I tried to track down the actors who played the oddly empowered kiddies in the cult flick Village of the Damned. Where do you go, career-wise, after you've lit up the big screen with glowing eyes and mind powers that can enslave an entire English village?

According to this photo of a recent Paris fashion show, you go on to become an expressionless runway model. Same hair, but glowing headlights on dim.

Seriously, the kid who is the leader of the kids was played by Stephen Martins (pictured third from the left in the top picture). Stephen was the most popular child actor in Great Britain during the 60s. In 1968, he became disillusioned with acting and began studying architecture. Today he is an architect and meditation teacher in London.

The other children in the cast are difficult to track down as most did not pursue acting past their youth. However, the young girl pictured second from the left in the top picture is child actress June Cowell. She is the half-sister of Simon Cowell and she lives and works in Spain.

The Village of the Damned is a fascinating cult film with a great performance by character actor George Sanders as the man chosen to teach the odd children of Midwich. We're showing this classic on Tuesday, October 25 for our film series: The Kids Are Not Alright. Come and take a look -- but not directly into their eyes!


I've always felt Simon Cowell was creepy

thanks for the information Chris. The pictures are creepy though

that freaks me out and i mean a lot dont they look like doemons but thanks for the info

His name is Martin Stephens, not Stephen Martins.

Good to know. Thanks for correcting my error Brett.

Where the heck did you find that picture? Is it just a coincidence, or are they supposed to look just like the kids from the movie? I'm getting confused about fantasy and reality, as usual.

 Hey Lisa, I found the fashion show photo in a fashion blog that I was reading -- about six months ago. It struck me then that there was a funny resemblance between the two photos. I published them together just for fun -- they are not related. Just a humorous coincidence. Thanks for the comment!

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