Create a magical miniature garden space

Container gardening is the art of growing anything that would grow in a backyard garden in the confined space of a container. Miniature gardens take this to a new level with scale and perspective becoming essential elements. Many garden centers have taken notice of this popular hobby and regularly stock miniature plants and accessories.

A miniature garden can be created around the base of a tree or in any type of container, but something vintage or unusual can add to the charm. All it takes is some imagination and creativity. Miniature gardens take less time and money than real ones, but give similar satisfaction. You can utilize miniature arbors and fences, even tiny furniture and pots to "theme" your space or rely totally on miniature plants and herbs to create visual impact.

There is something very relaxing about creating a complete garden in a setting where you control the boundaries. Weeding can be accomplished in 5 minutes when your garden space measures in inches or feet and not yards. You can create the garden of your dreams in a container or miniature garden space and not break the bank. It's surprising what a little ingenuity and creativity can produce. Re-purpose a vintage container, utilize rocks and shells you've collected and create fences from twigs. Making it personal is what makes it fun.

This activity can be solitary or shared and is a perfect introduction to gardening for children. Gather your tools, collect your props and see what develops and what you will attract. At the very least you will have butterflies and earthworms and if you are lucky a gnome or fairy may take up residence.

The library has a number of books on container or small space gardening and a few on fairies and gnomes to help you get started:


Written by Sara on July 24, 2012


Jan on July 19, 2012


What a darling idea! The photos are beautiful, but it appears that the Gnome has come home after a rather exhausting "night on the town". Must be a fun place to live!

Becker on July 19, 2012


If you want an introduction to container gardening, join us for the Fresh City Life My Branch program Growing Herbs in Containers on Saturday, July 28 at 2 p.m. at the Ross University Hills Branch! Bring your questions to an expert before embarking on your own container/miniature gardening project! Please join us!

Anonymous on July 19, 2012


Fairy Houses, Everywhere! by Barry and Tracy Kane is full of fun pictures of fairy houses. Great inspiration for a fairy garden.


Thanks for the suggestion. I love to take a look at other's creativity. It is inspiring.

Sara on July 24, 2012


I have to admit, I've never seen him upright, so he is perpetually exhausted : )

Lynn on July 24, 2012


I love seeing your pictures. I have a small container fairy garden but this inspires to go large. You need some books on fairy and gnome gardens!

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