Facebook Changes that Help You Protect Yo'self

If you use Facebook you’ve noticed some pretty big changes in the function and layout of your page-especially your newsfeed. You can learn about the whole host of changes at the Facebook help center but I wanted to give you a quick rundown on how the new digs affect your ability to protect your privacy.

And I have good news- in my opinion, things have improved. Here’s why:

-You can now decide who gets what piece of information on a case-by-case basis. Every post you make will have an icon in the bottom right corner which allows you to select who will see a specific post. You can select predetermined groups (Everyone, Friends), you can customize who sees it, or you can send it out to a list of people you yourself have created. Now you CAN tell dirty jokes on Facebook! Just make sure you send them to the right people! :)  And an extra awesome feature of this is that you can change who sees what after you’ve posted it-so if you change your mind about something, simply go back to your post and change the setting.

-You get to decide who can see what piece of your profile in the same way-by clicking on the icon to the immediate right of the profile item and selecting your preferred viewers. Want everyone to see your hometown but only friends to see your birthday? Done!

- You can now review things you’re tagged in before the tag goes live. Under Privacy Settings, select How Tags Work and then click Change Settings to decide if you want to let That Friend From High School tag you in That Picture you really don’t want anyone to see.

Obviously there are a LOT of other changes that Facebook has rolled out-what do you think about them? Do you like the Ticker? How about Subscriptions? If you need more information before you decide how you feel about all this change, definitely explore the Facebook help center. And be sure to attend the Facebook 101 class on Friday October 7th from 3-5 p.m. at the CTC (Level 4 of the Central library).

Written by Simone on September 26, 2011

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