Email a Reference Question

Pregunta a un bibliotecario por email

You can ask brief, factual questions or get suggestions on sources to help you find answers to lengthy, more-involved research questions. If you are working against a deadline, please log on to chat reference or visit or call your nearest library for a faster response.

Your question will be answered by reference librarians at the Denver Public Library, and replies usually will be sent within two days. Our Western History/Genealogy Department may have a varying response time due to the unique nature of questions received.

Types of Responses We Can & Cannot Provide by Email

Out-of-State Genealogy Researchers: We cannot accommodate requests for complex genealogical research. Please contact a member of the Colorado Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists for in-depth genealogy research.

Please be as specific as possible. Tell us anything you already know in regard to your question and/or where you have looked for an answer (for example, "Sources checked: World Book Encyclopedia").

Please do not send your question to our ASK US! virtual reference service if it has already been sent to our email reference service. A librarian will already be working on it. Thank you.

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