Email Questions FAQ

Types of Responses We Can Provide by Email

  • Factual, documented answers from online databases, reliable Internet sites, and print sources
  • Appropriate sources to use for more extensive research
  • Sources of information for homework assignments
  • Holds and renewals of items the library owns (Please provide your name, library card number, the titles you want renewed, or the Denver Public Library branch where you want to pick up the items)

Examples of Questions We Can Answer

  • "When was Xcel Energy founded?"
  • "What date was the pyramid at Cheops built?"
  • "What were Elvis Presley's first three hit songs?"

Types of Responses We Cannot Provide by Email

  • Answers that involve medical interpretation
  • Legal advice
  • Bibliographies for various topics
  • Answers to mathematical computations
  • Complex genealogical research

Types of Questions We Cannot Answer Via Email

  • "I need all the articles I can get on Xcel Energy."
  • "I'm doing an assignment on the pyramids of Egypt."
  • "Any information on Elvis Presley."

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