Is there strength in the bond between human beings and animals?

Explore the bond between animal and human in all its depth and beauty . . .

I love animals, and my heart has a special spot for the mighty, intelligent elephant. As I browsed through the stacks one day, I found The Elephant Keeper by Christopher Nicholson. What a treasure!

This is a beautiful, emotionally powerful story without being sentimental. Tom Page is a groom in 18th Century, England, who becomes the keeper of two wild elephants brought from exotic Africa. Tom's life seems to mirror the elephants' as they find themselves 'kept' by those with higher status or more money. The bond they form transcends their species.

This story will affect you long after the elephants and keeper pass from the pages and into your memory.

Written by Gina on September 26, 2011


Anonymous on September 27, 2011


Thank you for the lovely synopsis. I definitely will look for "The Elephant Keeper".

I appreciate this service from the DPL. So many wonderful books we may never know about if not for this.


Thanks!  I am so happy you find this service useful.

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