Eddie Izzard - Dress To Kill

Dress to Kill may be the single best reason to live.  If you have to go thru all the stupid hard stuff in life, it is worth setting aside some time to enjoy the ridiculous and absurd.  Eddie Izzard is the master of making the absurd stand out in the most reasonable ways.  

Confused, just watch this video from his "Glorious" tour to understand the brilliance of his comedy.  (Warning, while gut bustingly hilarious, this video does contain some inappropriate language.)

Written by squee on April 15, 2010


Fred on April 20, 2010


Eddie rules!


Eddie Izzard is amazing. Has anyone seen The Riches? I'm wondering if it's worth watching...


I've seen a few episodes of The Riches. It's okay, but it's not Eddie Izzard as hilarious, cutting-edge, flamboyant dazzle. It's a more understated Eddie Izzard as clever con-man, patriarch of a family of traveling cons.

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