eBooks: Update for iPod, iPhone, iPad, and how to return eBooks


Reading eBooks on your trusty device is all the rage!

For everyone who reads or listens to eBooks or audio eBooks on your iPhone, iPad or iPod: With the upgrade to iOS 5, you'll need to update your Overdrive Media Console. This affects just about everyone using an Apple device, whether you're downloading directly or downloading audio to Windows and then transferring. Update Overdrive Media Console now.

Question of the week: How do I return an eBook early?

Use the same technology you used to download the book.

  • For Kindle: On Amazon.com, sign in to your account and then Manage Your Kindle. You'll see your list of Kindle books. Choose Actions to Return this book.
  • In the Overdrive Media Console App, tap and hold or swipe the title. Select Delete and Return then Delete.
  • In Adobe Digital Editions, go to Library View, then select Item Options for the book, and then Return Borrowed Item.

Remember, you don't HAVE to manually return eBooks. They will expire automatically at the end of the checkout period. You can never have an overdue eBook.


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Shea, library eBooks check out for a limited time period. You'll have to check out the book again from our eBook catalog. If you still have trouble, please contact eMedia Support.

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