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Overdrive Media Console for iPhone and Android

New apps launched today - December 7, 2010. With the new free OverDrive Media Console app you can download both EPUB eBooks and MP3 audio eBooks directly to your iPhone or Android phone.

Update: if you've downloaded the previous version of Overdrive's app, and are having problems with the e-books appearing after you download them, you may need to delete the app and download it fresh. See commenter Mark's thread below.


Are there plans in the future to add more Epub titles for mobile devices? There has been 1100 available since launch, what are the plans to expand this number? Just wondering since this is considerably less than the library ebook catalog currently available on a MAC/PC.


Here's a short preview of the new app. This might help you get started.

iPad users try bluefirereader.com to read adobe editions

Horrible. Keeps crashing. Can't even open the app. Don't upgrade!

I downloaded the app to my iPhone, but I have not idea how to use it. You might want to post detailed instructions on how it works with DPL. Thanks.

I go to Add a Website and then choose DPL, but I can't log in to get books. It asks for my library patron number. I'm entering the Dxxxxxxxxx number that is on my card (i.e. that I use to check out books at the library).

Yes, your DPL library card is the number you should use. Be sure to enter a zero (0) for the second character. If you get an error, please report it to webmaster@denverlibrary.org

It is recognizing my login today. I got logged in, selected a book, checked out, which took me back to the app. It said "Title Added", asked me if I would like to download now. Selected to download now... and....and... the book doesn't show up. Tried the whole thing again, same result. Not impressed so far!

Update: I had to kill the app on my phone and relaunch it in order to see the book I downloaded within the app. You might want to report that as a bug. It will be very confusing for people.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your comments, and for letting us in on your experience. We've had a similar issue testing the new app on our devices, and your solution worked for us as well. We will pass this concern along to Overdrive. Apologies for the confusion as the bugs get worked out.

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