DPL resumes ordering new books, movies and music

Check our catalog for all those new titles you have been waiting for and place your holds. It will take us several days to enter our backlog of orders. If you don’t see a title right away please check again in a day or two.
For all you library geeks who are wondering what’s been going on behind the scenes during the past month? Libraries send the majority of their orders directly to library vendors via EDI (electronic data interchange). Our integrated library system (Polaris) has to talk to a number of different vendor databases. On the vendor end the data we transmit tells them how many copies we want, which branches they will go to and how the item should be processed and cataloged. It sounds simple but it took a lot of data entry, computer programming and testing on the part of our staff, Polaris staff and our vendors to make it all happen! We are glad to be back to business as usual and we hope you will be excited by the new titles you see in the catalog.

Written by stacey on March 9, 2011


Mary Hillary on April 3, 2017


I would like to reserve books/movies on line.


If you need assistance placing holds in the online catalog, please contact us by phone or email and someone will be happy to help you. 

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