DPL Mobile: Check us out - on the Go

DPL Mobile: Check us out - on the Go

Tired of squinting and zooming when you try to access DPL's site on your phone? Want an easy way to put books, movies, and DVDs on hold when you're not at a computer? We have something that might help. We're excited to unveil a mobile version of our site, now available at:


The mobile site is still in early testing phases, so for now you'll have to manually put that URL into your phone (and bookmark it or save it to your home screen!). Once the site has its legs under it a little, we'll start automatically pointing phones to the mobile site by default.

We consider the mobile site to be in perpetual beta - a portion of the DPL web presence that evolves to meet the changing needs of our on-the-go customers. To that end, we're starting small, offering a limited number of options based on feedback from a customer survey and site analytics. We're starting with the things that have been identified as most important to you, and plan on branching out from there. To start, you can:

  • browse the catalog and your account via a simplified, text-only interface,
  • find locations and hours of all of our branches,
  • access our downloadable media,
  • and connect with us on social networking sites.

Looking for something else? There will always be a link back to the main site, where you can get to the rest of DPL's online resources.

And finally - a question for all you iPad and other tablet users out there. Would you prefer your default to be the mobile or desktop version of the site? Since that's kind of an in-between device, we'd love to hear your thoughts on which you find more useful. 

As I mentioned, we don't plan on stopping here. Leave a comment on this post, or complete the feedback form on the mobile site, to let us know which directions you'd like to see us take.


The iPad has a pretty sizable screen, and I would prefer to have the full site's functionality readily available when I navigate there. The full desktop version makes the most sense.

Thanks for the comment. This is exactly the type of feedback we are looking for. We would love to hear from anyone who would want to reinforce this or disagree.

Just tried out the mobile site on my iPad today. It worked very well and was super quick over WiFi, especially for the My Account information. Much of the main site content is in Flash and doesn't work on the iPad. I couldn't place a hold on a book via the main site. The blogs work fine, though.

Thank you for your feedback. It's great to hear that you've been able to quickly and successfully access the content on the main mobile site--which doesn't use Flash--on your iPad. The full version of the Denver Public Library catalog (not the main site) is where the Flash is, but if you use the accessible version of the catalog (no Flash), you should have no trouble placing a hold. Go to http://discover.denverlibrary.org/accessible.ashx or click on Text Only in the upper right hand corner of the main catalog page. Thanks again for your comments!

hi guys,

I am trying out the new My Account and noticed a couple of issues with the authentication form. For last name with spaces in them (prevalent in people with two last names) - the form seems to ignore the second name. The old My Account used to recognize this and submit it like First+Last. It seems the new My Account is ignoring the second last name.

Will you guys be able to confirm if the new My Account does work with lastname with spaces in it as well as other special characters?


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