Do You Read With Your Kids?

The New York Times recently ran this article about Jim Brozina and his daughter Kathy, who read together each evening for 3,218 nights. Neither Kathy's involvement in theater and outings with friends or single dad Jim's dates got in the way of their commitment to read together.  If you think you don't have time to read with your kids, check out this story, and maybe be inspired to start a reading streak of your own.


If you need tips on how to read to your kids, want book suggestions, or want to see why reading with your children is important--no matter how old they are--check out the Denver Public Library's Read Play Learn web page. Jim and Kathy's streak started during her fourth grade year and ended as of her first day of college. Could you get your kids excited to try to break their record?

Written by Becker on March 25, 2010


Michelle on May 3, 2010


Thanks for sharing. This article was very inspiring! Reading is fundamental!

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