Dinosaurs Next Door

Archaeology and paleontology have never held my attention, but my visit to the newly-completed Washakie Museum in Worland, Wyoming sparked an interest. Their exhibits, so wonderfully designed by ECOS Communications, are completely engaging.

At a dinner on that same visit to Worland, I was unexpectedly seated near the curator of the museum and he shared even more about the archaeological and paleontological wonders of the Big Horn Basin.

A few of the many major discoveries of the Big Horn Basin include:

--the most complete Allosaurus specimen ever discovered
--an almost complete Stegosaurus skeleton
--Einstein, the Apatosaurus
--Colby mammoth discovery

If you are ever on a road trip and are passing near Worland, Wyoming, I highly recommend you visit the Washakie Museum. Can’t get to Wyoming? Visit Dinosaur Ridge, right near Denver!

To read more:
(Note: Some of these must be retrieved by staff.)

Bone Wars: The Excavation and Celebrity of Andrew Carnegie's Dinosaur
By Tom Rea
Traces the evolution of scientific thought regarding dinosaurs and reveals the deception, hostility, and sometimes outright aggression present in the early years of fossil hunting.

Pathway to the Dinosaurs: Map 1, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming
Includes descriptions of collecting sites and information about dinosaurs.

The Legacy of Arthur Lakes
By Katherine K. Honda and Beth Simmons
Portrays the life of Arthur Lakes, known for his discoveries of dinosaur bones along the hogback near Morrison, Colorado and in Como, Wyoming.

Marsh’s Dinosaurs: The Collections from Como Bluff
By John H. Ostrom and John S. McIntosh
These lithographs of the two famed dinosaurs discovered at and excavated from Como Bluffs, Wyoming are considered by dinosaur scholars to be among the best and most detailed depictions ever made.

Discovering Dinosaurs in the Old West: The Field Journals of Arthur Lakes
Edited by Michael F. Kohl and John S. McIntosh
Vividly captures the excitement of unearthing the enormous vertebrae, femurs, humeri, ribs, teeth, and claws of Apatosaurus (Brontosaurus), Stegosaurus, and Allosaurus as well as the bones of other Mesozoic-era creatures.

Children’s books:

Dinosaur Hunter (fiction)
By Elaine Marie Alpin
In Wyoming in the 1880s, a young boy fulfills his dream of finding a dinosaur skeleton on his father's ranch, outwits a man who would cheat him, and sells his find to a team of fossil hunters. Grades 1-3

Allosaurus!: The Life and Death of Big Al
Adapted by Stephen Cole
The saga of a male Allosaurus whose skeleton was found intact in Wyoming. In a lively mix of science and stunning visual images, learn about Allosaurus's tough life and how how paleontologists solved the mysteries revealed by his bones. Grades 3-6

The Fossil Factory: A Kid’s Guide to Digging Up Dinosaurs, Exploring Evolution, and Finding Fossils
By Niles, Douglas, and Gregory Eldredge
Describes fossils, how to collect them, and what they reveal about dinosaurs and other creatures that inhabited the earth millions of years ago. Grades 4-8

Giant Dinosaurs of the Jurassic
By Gregory Wenzel
Provides a look at the dinosaurs that lived in the Morrison Formation in prehistoric Colorado and the world in which they lived. Grades 2-5

Books about Apatosaurus

Books about mammoths

Books about Diplodocus

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Anonymous on August 10, 2010


This is a great blog! And, I too, have been to the Worland Museum. It is well thought out and has interactive exhibits for kids (and fun for adults also). It is such an amazing museum for a small town.

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