Custom options in OneFile

Academic OneFile and General OneFile (also known as Infotrac OneFile) added some cool new features recently.

Most articles in Academic OneFile and General OneFile are now also available as audio files so you can listen to them and even download them as MP3s! There is a translation tool so you can translate to one of 11 different languages on the fly. (It is machine translation, so it's not perfect.) Hmm. I wonder whether these two features can be used together to reinforce reading skills or English language skills?

The front page of each OneFile database, and some others from Gale, show results from popular searches. The defaults are for topics like Global Warming, The Economy, yadda yadda. BUT, if you have a favorite topic, no matter what it is, you can create your own feeds so you'll always see the most recent info on your own favorite topics. (Oscar nominations, anyone?) Just create a login, and then go to the Toolbox to learn all the nifty things you can do. What will they think of next?

Denver Public Library card required.

Written by Janet on March 2, 2010

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