A cuppa, a crumpet and a corpse

There's a reason why many of our popular shows are remakes from the UK: our friends across the pond really know how to do good TV, especially clever, thrilling mysteries. So if you're in the mood for a smart whodunit check out one of these fine British mystery series.

  • Wire in the Blood - Psychologist Dr. Tony Hill is called upon to help the police solve a series of brutal murders in the northern English town of Bradfield.
  • Prime Suspect - When a young woman is found brutally murdered, and the DCI in charge is unable to take up the case, the role is passed on to Detective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison, the first female DCI to handle such a responsibility. Between a slippery suspect and resistance from her team of detectives, Tennison has her hands full.
  • Inspector Lewis - Following the death in 2000 of his eponymous mentor in Inspector Morse, Sergeant Lewis was promoted to Inspector and took a two-year sabbatical in the British Virgin Isles. Newly widowed, he now returns to Oxford and soon finds himself in charge of his own murder case. But it is notes that Morse made on an earlier case which help Lewis solve his case.
  • Jericho - Jericho is haunted by memories of his father, whose murder he witnessed as a boy. He is obsessed with his work at Scotland Yard. Yet, he finds himself drawn to his beautiful French neighbor Juliette - a prostitute with a tortured past.

These are my favorites but there are many more great British mysteries to choose from including the Inspector Lynley series, Poirot, and Foyle's War. Be sure to catch the latest Inspector Lewis series and a new contemporary version of Sherlock Holmes both airing this fall on  PBS Masterpiece Mystery.

Written by Amber on August 21, 2010

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