Create Art for a New Branch Library

Help seed the clouds for an incredible art installation at the new Green Valley Branch Library.
The Denver Public Library is asking for your help in creating an interactive, dynamic artwork that will display your search terms on an array of large LCD screens in the new Green Valley Ranch Branch Library, and call up associative media clips culled from the Library's collection of books, DVDs, music, digital images and text archives.

Your participation now will seed the project by building a text archive of your comments associated with a specific title, quotes from books, lines or scenes from movies, song lyrics, and authors. You may fill out the form as many times as you wish, and while there, explore a more detailed explanation about the project and artist Erik Carlson.

Written by james on December 9, 2010


Anonymous on December 22, 2010


Scenario: It's early in the morning and only one patron is on the computer; other patrons are browsing the stacks. The man on the computer is looking for books in the catalog about how to relieve IBS. What shows up on the artsy, interactive screen then?


There will be only one dedicated, clearly marked terminal connected to the display. There will be other terminals in the Library to choose if one wishes not to be involved with the art project. The artwork never directly displays someone's search terms or direct search results. All media clips are tagged associatively and generally, based on Dewey categories and on tags provided by the artist. If someone types in a term not designated by the artist, it will default to delivering content within the Dewey category the search term falls into, like health.

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