Construction Update on the Community Technology Center

If everything continues on schedule...

the Community Technology Center will open by the end of September!

We will eventually have 100+ public access computers with Internet access and Office 2007, a brand new classroom with 36 PCs and state-of-the-art technology, two new computers with updated assistive technology, a collaborative work area, space for gaming, and a comfy WiFi lounge!

Be sure to come check us out as we evolve into one of the coolest places to get your tech fix in downtown Denver!

Written by Anonymous on September 15, 2010


Alex on September 28, 2010


This is great. I wonder why the city is still spending $ on 'Office 2007' when google docs is free and meets the needs of 99.9% of users?


Thanks for the comment, Alex. The choice to include Office 2007 on the computers was in direct response to requests from the community. In areas where we have offered Internet computers without Office, there has been a strong demand to include Office software as well.

The Community Technology Center does offer public classes on both Microsoft Office and Google Docs, and staff members are comfortable helping people in both. Regardless of your preference, we have you covered.

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