Computer Reservations & Free Internet FAQ

Computadoras: reservaciones, límites de tiempo e Internet

Do all DPL locations have free Internet access?

Yes. Please check our hours of operation for your preferred DPL branch location.

Do I need to reserve a computer?

Yes, if there are no computers available.

How do I make a reservation?

Reservations are available for the current day only. Come to the Denver Public Library and place your reservation from the reservation station or ask a library staff member to place a reservation for you. You may reserve a computer over the phone prior to coming in by phoning the library branch location where you plan to use the computer. You will need a Denver Public Library Card to place a reservation. To obtain a card, you will need your photo I. D. and proof of your current address. Remember to bring your card or the library card number to the library, as you will need that exact number to log into the system when you arrive. PLEASE NOTE: beginning November 16, 2015, your My Account password will be required to login to any public computer.

I don’t have a library card. May I access the Internet at DPL?

You will need a Denver Public Library Card to reserve and use a library computer. Please visit the circulation desk to complete a library card application. Visitors to Denver and those not interested in checkout privileges may register for a Computer User Card.

May I make reservations on any library computer?

You may make a reservation on a reservation station or ask a staff member to do it for you. You may also walk up to a computer that is not in use or reserved and log in with your library card.

How much time do I get each day?

Each customer is provided 120 minutes per day.

What if I need more time?

In many locations, customer demand greatly exceeds the capacity of this limited resource. By having a consistent limit, every person has the same opportunity to use the Library’s computers. Much like the limits we place on borrowing materials, the Library must implement reasonable time restrictions.

May I combine 60 and 30-minute sessions to equal my 120 minute maximum?

Yes, you may combine sessions in one of the following of ways on any given day:

  • two 60-minute sessions
  • one 60-minute + two 30-minute sessions
  • four 30-minute sessions on any given day

May I extend my time?

Yes, you may extend your time in 5 minute increments as long as there are no reservations waiting. However, you will not be able to extend your time past the 120 minute maximum.

Does the software track by the minute?

Yes. While the computers are designated as either 60-minute or 30-minute sessions, the tracking for each day is down to the minute. If you close a session early, your total time for that day is only reduced by the time you used. For example, if you end your first 60-minute session at 45 minutes, you will have a total of 75 minutes left for the day.

How will I know how many minutes I have left for the day?

When logging into a computer, a screen will display telling you how many minutes remain of your daily total allotment.

What if I am working on an important project or doing legitimate research?

Our policy is to make information and resources available without making distinctions about the value or purpose of a customer’s computer time. Whether you are doing research, checking email or playing a computer game, all customers are allowed the same amount of computer time.

What if I see someone staying on a computer for more than 120 minutes?

Please bring this to the attention of a staff member.

What if I make a reservation and I don’t show up or show up late?

If you do not show up at the library and log in within the first 10 minutes of your reserved time, your session will be cancelled automatically and you will lose 10 minutes of your daily total of 120 minutes.
If you know ahead of time that you will not be using your reserved computer, ask a staff member to cancel it for you.

How will I know if my session is over?

The computer will have a clock in the lower right-hand corner for you to watch during your computer session. You will also be given warnings 10 minutes, 6 minutes, and 3 minutes before your session ends to allow you time to save your work or wrap up your computer transactions.

What happens if I need to leave my computer workstation briefly or do not enter information for a few minutes?

If you need to leave your computer briefly, you can lock the computer then unlock it before your session expires. If you have not pressed a key on the keyboard for a ten-minute period, a message will alert you to press a key. If you do not press a key within 15 seconds, the software will end your session.

Will the library keep records of my computer use?

No. It is the Denver Public Library's practice to minimize the retention of customer use records to only those absolutely necessary for library use. When you close your computer session, all history, cache, and cookies are deleted. We will not be able to retrieve any information, including websites you visited, passwords you entered, or other information you input. At the end of the business day, all user ids are purged. Therefore, at the end of the day we will not have any record that you used a computer at all.

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